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Talent Management

We help businesses and organisations that are struggling with challenges of finding, attracting and hiring; retaining and developing the best fitting people, how to apply scientific data driven methodologies to source and select the best talent and to deliver vibrant work environments of highly engaged workforce, to help deliver on their business objectives.

There are three important questions the employer has to answer during the selection process:

  • Does the employee have the right skills and experience?
  • Do they have the required enthusiasm and motivation?
  • Are they going to fit in, in terms of personality, attitude and general work style?

Do not underestimate the cost of a bad hire, or the impact of a disengaging work environment. The true cost is more than you think. The financial impact maybe quantifiable, however the underlying impact from negative morale and low productivity, as well as contagious disengagement can be mind boggling.
We understand this. And that is why we apply scientifically backed methodologies that allows you to understand what drives workplace behaviors, so that you can ensure alignment , drive your team’s success and achieve your business objectives faster.

SME Growth strategies

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Supply chain & logistics consulting

In today’s global and connected economy, supply chains are the on-ramp to innovation and success. Whether you are an FMCG company, a Technology or Energy Company or a business providing e-tail or e-commerce solutions and want to be among the winners, you need to get on the highway and go fast and re imagine your supply chain and logistics.
At Laffayette, we help businesses that are struggling with product sourcing, inbound logistics, inventory management, warehousing and distribution management, to build integrated end-to-end logistics solutions that drive efficiency across the value chain.

  • Does your business suffer from frequent stock outs?
  • Do you often find yourself with excess stock that is hurting your cash flow and increasing your overhead costs and tying down your working capital?
  • Do you have overall visibility of your product end to end costs?
  • Do you find your distribution channels inefficiency leading to customer dissatisfaction?
  • How effective is your supply chain strategy in delivering competitive advantage year on year?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, we would like to talk to you.
We will be happy to conduct a detailed diagnosis to assess your current situation and devise a plan to address your key supply chain challenges.

Revenue growth strategies (Consultative Selling skills)

We show business owners, struggling with low revenues, stagnant sales, self-doubt, and inability to market themselves, how to multiply their revenues, market themselves enthusiastically, and stand more confidently in their life and business.

  • Is your business facing difficulties growing sales revenues month on month
  • Is your sales pipeline insufficient?
  • Are you frustrated by the business conversation rate by your sales team?Are you wondering how to drive your products and services more effectively for better results?
  • Are your marketing strategies delivering less than satisfactory results?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then let’s talk. We are here to help you to reverse this situation, and to get you back to enjoying growth, and achieve the potential of your products and services.

We will provide you with the skills you need through our Consultative Selling Skills program, tailored for business owners, and senior executives.


Assessments are effective tools for managing people – hiring the right person for the right job, evaluating candidates for a promotion, managing and developing your team members, and ultimately understanding the people who make up your workforce.
Behavior, Personality, Cognitive,Career, Skills, Integrity, job knowledge and a variety of other assessments are used to uncover different aspects of a person’s makeup.

Having a solid grasp — built on actual data, not observation — of how each employee can be expected to behave in a given role or work situation, and how to interface with and motivate them will allow you to anticipate, manage and resolve people-related issues long before problems crop up.

The use of behavioural assessments in the workplace also allows you to have an open and objective conversation with your peers and direct reports that might otherwise be difficult to broach.

We leverage scientifically validated assessment tools and a heavy dose of knowledge transfer to ensure you achieve maximum velocity toward your business objectives!

Our Battery of Talent Assessment tools include:

Personal Development Analysis (PDA)

PDA is a world Leader in online Behavioural Assessments used to Select, Manage and Develop Talent
PDA methodology is scientifically validated, provides actual employee data with regard to natural behaviour, role behaviour, key drivers and workplace motivation
PDA identifies people’s profiles that determine their strengths, skill sets and abilities, their talents and behavioural drives
It enhances self-awareness, identifies styles of communication, leadership, selling abilities, energy levels, emotional intelligence, as well as areas for development.
When you use Assessments, everyone wins
Everyone in the organization benefits from using the data derived from PDA Assessments.

  • Business owners and top Executives concerned with corporate performance
  • HR professionals, and hiring managers measured on the quality of talent they attract
  • Functional managers and team leaders responsible for assembling and retaining high-performing teams
  • Life and Executive Coaches – to support self-awareness and self-leadership
  • Industrial and organizational (I/O) psychologists responsible for the scientific study of the workplace
  • Employees seeking an organization or role that allows them to grow and thrive

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Career Assessment and Guidance

What Next after high school? What do you want to become?
For many young people, choosing a Career path, or selecting subjects or degree courses at the college or University is often confusing and overwhelming.
How do you identify your most suitable career option, without feeling like you are gambling with your life?
We will show you how.
We work with people at any age, or stage of their life, who are making decisions about their careers, or selection of college and university courses.
Complete your Vocational Assessment (VA), and our career experts will be at hand to provide you with professional career guidance and coaching, to help you consider your best options, plan ahead, and make the Training, Job and career choices that are right for you.
Do not gamble with your future, let the career experts help you discover your possibilities.

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Cognitive Assessment

By using Assessments effectively, you are better placed to make the right Talent decisions.
Cognitive ability assessments measure an individual’s capacity to learn, adapt, and grasp new concepts in the workplace.
Our Cognitive assessments when combined with the Behavioural assessments will guide you in making the best talent decisions for your business.

Cognitive Tests
Varying positions within a company require a minimum threshold of cognitive ability, or learning aptitude, that employees need to function in a role. Our Cognitive Assessment asks numerical, verbal, and spatial reasoning questions to determine an individual’s capacity to learn, adapt, and grasp new concepts in the workplace.
Elite Sales Assessment
How do you Hire, and Develop your Sales Teams? The health of your organisation’s bottom-line is often determined by the effectiveness of your Sales and commercial teams.
Our Selling Skills and Influencing Skills Assessments help you quantify and improve your team’s approach to consultative selling or influencing others inside and outside your organization.
Integrity Tests
Some positions are more sensitive, regarding character, honesty, reliability, and demand higher levels of Integrity.
Our Character Profile Assessment indicate an individual’s ability to refrain from counterproductive behaviours, by being trustworthy, non-violent and compliant.
(We have a broad offering of Cognitive Assessments, Contact us today for more details)t.

Capacity development is key to driving performance and achieving desirable business results in organizations. At Laffayette, we have the expertise to assess your team’s strengths, gaps, and areas for improvement.

Based on the outcome of these assessments, we will tailor relevant programs to address the required development and training needs of your teams.

Every organisation is unique, and therefore our Capacity development Solutions are Customised to the specific needs of your business.

Our team of Experts are highly experienced in tailor making training solutions.

Leadership Development Program

The Menu includes – Developing Future Leaders; The leading Edge Manager, Management Skills Series, Executive Coaching, Coaching with PDA, Supervisory Skills

Our programs ride strongly on behaviour change and transfer of skills. We discuss with you to identify your organisation’s needs; profile participants to establish their skill levels, individual strengths and development gaps. We use this information to customise each program for optimal outcomes.

Sales Development Program

We provide very Unique Sales development programs, which include:

  • Best-in- Class Sales Training Program
  • Consultative Selling Skills
  • Sales Academy

We begin by Screening your sales team. Can they sell, and what is their skill level? What are they good at, and importantly, where are the gaps – Prospecting; Opening conversations; Influencing and Closing sales, Handling Objections, Structure of selling?

We customise each program to match your unique value proposition and Industry, and aim to address the skill gaps of your teams.

Solid action plans; application of skills learnt – are outstanding elements in the programs.

Experiential Team Building Programs

Experiential programming requires people to learn by doing using carefully designed “experiences” (activities, exercises, tasks) in which participants are required to use skills of communication, decision making, effective planning, problem solving and more.

The experiences are conducted within an atmosphere of community, dignity, well-being and fun.

We pride ourselves in the “generative learning” we encourage from the program participants. This is accomplished through varying degrees of de-briefing and engaged team participation.

Business Strategy & Team Cohesion

We customize a unique program for your middle to senior management teams, where we drive the business strategy process, and incorporate experiential activities that magnify your strategic goals, and create powerful engagement of the participants.

Skills Training programs

We have a rich Menu of work skills programs, which include: Customer Service Excellence, Conflict Resolution, Change Management, Time & Life Management, Recruitment Skills, Presentation Skills, Communication Skills

“Personal development is a lifelong process. It’s a way for people to assess their skills and qualities”

Warren Bennis in his book – ‘Becoming a Leader’ says : “Leaders know who they are, what are their strengths and weaknesses, how to fully deploy their strengths and how to compensate for their weaknesses. They know what they want, why they want it and how to communicate it to others to gain their support and collaboration. Finally, they know how to achieve their goals. The key to fully express leadership is knowing yourself.”

At Laffayette Resources, we recognize that personal development is the key driver to success and achievement of one’s potential.

We offer powerful Life Coaching programs, which include:

Life Optimization Coaching Program

A coach is a person who is able to listen to where you are stopped or not totally realizing your full potential in life or in business and ask questions that support you in seeing something important that you had not realized before. A coach sources breakthroughs.

Life Optimisation Coaching program is designed to support individuals to understand and optimise on the six major areas of life: i.e.  Business or Career, Health & Appearance,  Wealth & Finances,  Family & Relationships, Personal &  Spirituality development,  And  Recreation & Passions.

Is there a perfect balance across all these six areas of your life?

When there is an  imbalance, your  accomplishments in the rest of the areas appear somehow incomplete.

Our coaches will support you to adapt a whole-thinking perspective in which mastery of all areas of life is the ultimate goal.

And as you undertake your personal improvement process, increased business  and work productivity will surely result, leading to greater success.

Contact us, and we will explore how our Life Optimization Coaching program will champion your journey of reinvention and self-mastery to achieve your magnificence in life.

Career Success Breakthrough Coaching

We show professionals of diverse backgrounds, who are stressed, burnt out, or are unhappy and uncertain about their jobs, and  are struggling to find meaning in their careers or searching for new career direction, but do not know where to start, how to discover their inner compass and identify specific careers that are suitable and best  fit for them.
For you who wants a true career breakthrough to deeper success, fulfilment and joy in your work, this transformational coaching program will give you a clear roadmap to achieve the career success you long for with far greater ease, speed, and success than you could achieve on your own.

  • Personal goal setting process and tools
  • Personal growth strategies
  • Book club

Choose, Improve, or Change your Career

Am not sure what I want to do

We show high school and college graduates struggling to decide about their career options, or selection of college and university courses, how to identify their most suitable possibilities in line with their individual strengths and unique personality profiles.

Not sure what you want to do? Get Career help with our tools, tips, and professional career guidance and coaching

Unless you are one of the lucky few who figured out their life’s goals early on, deciding what to do after high school, choosing a college major or selecting a  career can be confusing and intimidating. You may feel unsure about what really inspires you or what you’d be happy doing in college or after graduation—or you may have trouble choosing between two or three options that you feel strongly about.

You should be relieved to learn that uncertainty at this stage in your life is completely normal, and that there is a great opportunity to help you figure things out.

Where to start

Your Journey Begins with you

    • Your first step is to understand who you are and what you want – both for your career and your life. This involves being able to make a  personal assessment of your interests, values, skills, qualities and goals.
    • Here are some key questions you can ask yourself to help decide on your next steps.
  • Who Am I?
  • What am I good at?
  • What have I achieved already?
  • What things am I passionate about?
  • What are my Interests?
  • What are my values?
  • What are my skills?
  • Where am I and where do I want to be?
  • Where can I go for help?

Once you’ve explored your own ideas about yourself and narrowed down some career options, it’s good to talk through your thoughts with others. Bouncing your ideas off someone else can help things become clearer to you. Other people may also have some insights into your character or situation that you had not considered.

  • Talk to people who know you well and who you can trust. Ask them what they think are your strengths and skills. These may include teachers, friends, and family.

  • If you have had a part-time job or done volunteer work, think about asking your employer which parts of the job they think you do well.

Great. Now that you’ve looked at your Interests, Skills, and values, it’s time to take the next steps.

Bringing It Together, and choosing a major, course or career – get professional help

You have gotten off to a great start by identifying some of your skills and interests, and picking a couple of potential occupations that you are curious about.

We would now like to provide you with very essential information, and professional career guidance, that will help to suggest potential careers that match your skills, abilities, and interests, some of which you may have never thought of.


Explore your Options

If you’re choosing between several options, take a look at each one and ask yourself these important questions.

How well does this option fit with my Abilities, Values, Interests, and Personality?
How will I grow in this career?
How will this option affect the rest of my life – my family, friends, interests and other time commitments?
Use our career decision worksheet to help you consider all your options.

Ask for help and advice from other people

Talking to other people about which of the option might be best can help you see things in a new light.

  • Your family
    • Your friends – they may have been in a similar situation, and can tell you what affected their choices
  • Course advisers at college or university
  • People working in the job or industry you are considering – they may help you get a better idea of whether you’re right for the role.
  • Professional career advisors – Our Career Consultant are available to guide
  • You through this challenging process. We offer a comprehensive career coaching and guidance process to help identify your most suitable choice out of available options.

What Skills do you have?

Throughout your Education, work, and life experience, you have developed several different types of skills.

Everyone has a variety of Skills and Talents. How do you recognize a skill?

Skills can be divided into three basic groups:

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