Demystifying Behavioural Assessments

A common question that I often get is ”what is a Behavioural Assessment, and why is it relevant to me or my business?

I will try to explain this as simply as possible. Every time you look at yourself in the mirror, you see the full image of yourself.

Yet you know that there is so much more about you that the mirror image does not capture. Yes, you know yourself, to the greatest extent possible; you know your likes, dislikes, values, interests, abilities, qualities and skills, perhaps some of your talents.
Curiously though, when you ask majority of people this simplest of questions: ”Tell me about yourself”.
Ooh. You see the hesitation, the doubt, then the response .. ” what do you want to know….
let’s see..,

I was born in 1932, went to this high school, that college, worked in this company as sales manager, etc” And I begin to smile.. Does this sound familiar? Isn’t it a bit painful to struggle in describing who you are, and perhaps connecting with the core of you? I know it is because this was my familiar territory then, before I learnt what I know now. And so, What is a Behavioural Assessment? It is a simple, effective, and scientifically validated online (often) assessment process, that brings out a detailed profile report and analysis of the person. The assessment report will indicate how the person is ”wired”, with descriptive information on how they behave in ”natural environments”, and work environments.

Specifically – you see the main skills and strengths of the person, their styles of Leading others, Communication, decision making, and management of people. You see the Competencies, analytical ability, persuasive ability, sales style (ability); information on how to coach, lead, and motivate the person; and areas for development, among others. In a nutshell, you get a whole load of insightful, scientifically validated data, that is immensely useful to individuals for self-awareness, and self-leadership.

You will no longer hesitate in describing yourself. This is the beginning of Self-leadership. A key ingredient in leading others most effectively. And in the workplace, if you are a Business Leader, Manager, or managing teams, you need highly accurate data about what motivates employees and potential employees, their needs for a position and workplace environment, and how you can expect them to behave in their roles, on teams, as leaders, and during times of change.

Tomorrow, I will share more insights on how you can apply this information, for developing yourself as an Individual, and how this data is used in the workplace to grow organisations, and achieve great results.